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Pierce Ultimate Configuration

The Pierce Ultimate Configuration.

Easier to use. Easier to stay safer. Easier to store more. Easier to service. Easier to maneuver.



The Pierce PUC is the first modern tilt cab emergency response vehicle designed specifically for the response duties of today’s fire services. The PUC eliminates the pumphouse so you can build your apparatus around your needs and not the pump. It minimizes vehicular space used for fire suppression and maximizes space for equipment while still providing big pump, foam and CAFS capabilities.

PUC removes the need to build the entire body around the pump and the pumphouse. And it’s the first apparatus that offers the most complete single-source build, from the chassis and body, right down to the pump. PUC is available on pumpers, rescue pumpers, tankers and aerials.

 Pierce Ultimate Configuration - PUC Pump


Pump Panel


The 1500 gpm pump (rated for draft) weighs 30% less than most existing pumps on the market and comes with a 6-year standard warranty.

We enclosed the pump operators panel on the side mount to keep it clean of grime, grit, and moisture. The next generation Control Zone™ pump panel is designed to fit the way you work with: 

  • Large lever control handles that lock to prevent valve creep under pressure
  • Multi-functional pressure governor
  • Extra-large engine RPM display
  • Fuel level monitoring
  • Pump prognostics



Body Material

久久婷五月综合色啪首页Aluminum standard, 304L stainless steel option

Body Support Substructure

久久婷五月综合色啪首页Lateral frame extensions

Chassis Choices

Arrow XT, Enforcer, Impel, Quantum, Velocity

Compartment Space

150 - 500 cubic feet (depending on body size and chassis)

Electrical System

Color coded every 3"/harness loom-protected

Pump and Roll


Pump Panel

Pierce Control Zone™


162" - 212" (depending on body size and chassis)


Compartment Load Rating

Up to 800 pounds each

Pump Range

久久婷五月综合色啪首页1250 - 1500 gpm

Tank Capacities

Up to 1500 gallons

Proprietary Options

Foam Systems

Compartment Storage

PUC Storage

久久婷五月综合色啪首页The PUC features 26" deep compartments and up to 500 cubic feet of big, clean, uncluttered storage space with covered raceways, recessed shelf tracks and bright strip lighting that reduces shelving shadows and gives excellent night-time visibility.

PUC also features a long list of options including:

  • 500 lb sliding floor trays
  • Dividers
  • Tilt-out shelves
  • Swinging tool boards
  • Reel mountings

You can configure any option with the roomy Pierce “jump-off” compartment near the rear of the passenger side cab door for EMS, rescue or turnout gear or whatever you decide to store.

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Cambridge Fire Department - Pumper

Cambridge Fire Department - Pumper

Delivery Date: March 19, 2020
Job Number: 34256
Sales Organization: Commercial Truck Equipment Corporation

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