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Combination Rescue

Pierce Combination Heavy-Duty Rescue Header

It's a non-walk-in, walk-in.



Pierce Combination Heavy-Duty Rescue Overview-1

Have big equipment and crew needs? Our combination heavy-duty rescues feature dedicated walk-in and non-walk-in spaces to customize the way you transport, respond, store, and more.

  • Numerous seating & operations configurations
  • Various interior & compartment storage options
  • Tell us how you want it to work – Pierce engineers handle the rest



Body ConstructionStructural tube framing & formed sheet metal body panels throughout Body Heights97" to 106"
Body Lengths14' single axle to 26' tandem axle Body MaterialAluminum or 304L stainless
Body SupportFull front & rear underslung frame-mounted support platforms Body Widths96" w/ 28" deep side compartments or 100" w/ 30" deep side compartments
Compartment StoragePierce designed extruded pullout adjustable trays, slideout tilt trays, tool boards & custom equipment storage racks Custom ChassisArrow XT™ , Dash® CF, Enforcer™ , Impel®, Quantum®, Velocity®
DoorsRollup or traditional hinged style Interior StorageVarious storage compartment cabinet configurations, seating options & gallery equipment
Roof AccessTraditional side ladder, built-in stair, or center walkway pulldown stair Roof ConstructionDouble wall hatch construction w/ diamond plate walking surfaces

Proprietary Options

Husky™ 12
Husky™ 3
Pump PUC™

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Loudoun County Department of Fire & Emergency Svc - Rescue

Delivery Date: December 31, 2019
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