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Care Initiative

Protection is an action - CARE - Pass it on - Pierce

Protection is an action that goes beyond the fire and the truck.


CARE (Carcinogen Awareness & Reduction to Exposure) is a pioneering partnership between Pierce Manufacturing and the . We are arming employees, industry volunteers, departments, and communities with immediate resources to protect firefighters and their families from carcinogen exposure.


What Pierce is doing:

  • Sustaining partnership with the Fire Cancer Support Network
  • Decon bucket provided on 1,500 apparatus
  • 250+ sales reps nationwide trained by members of the  on “Clean Cab Initiatives” 
  • Cleanable apparatus seats and interior surfaces, exhaust options, decon outlets, high-impact HVAC filtration, and custom add-ons like decon showerheads reduce exposure to soot, exhaust particles, and other carcinogens

What the Firefighter Cancer Support Network is doing:

  • Providing assistance to help firefighters who have been diagnosed with cancer
  • Offering mentoring support by cancer survivors in the fire industry
  • Providing occupational cancer awareness & prevention training to thousands of firefighters across the nation
  • Connecting to local 



What YOU can do:

  • Advocate for your department
  • Create decon standard operating guidelines
  • Share your bucket with another department. Protection can be as simple as a clean change of clothes

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Brighter, smoother, and easier to clean cab interior surfaces
Easily cleanable seat surfaces
High-impact HVAC filtration for reduced particle circulation
Warm water rinse station